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Your Wellbeing Home

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Find out by clicking this link why your home is so important to your wellbeing  Health and Happiness Begin at Home 🙂

My blog

Published author

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The Bounce Back Journey Of  Women’s Health now available on Amazon. An inspiring collection of 26 personal stories including my own journey through the menopause – mayhem to magnificence.

All proceeds from the book go to Discover your bounce social passion project, which provides free mental health education to the construction sector. So far they have delivered Mental Health Awareness ‘Toolkits’ to over 100 construction workers.

Connecting Women Through Wellbeing

Cheering ladiesOne-day of health, happiness and wellbeing

In collaboration with Judy Gowenlock (Nutritional Therapist) and Leanne Yardley (Yoga and PT Teacher).

Next workshop postponed until 2021

Mentoring & coaching


Mentoring & coaching DinahDinah offers coaching and mentoring for emerging brands, established designers and artists. As a designer and artist Dinah has over 25 successful years of experience in the industry.

During that time she has worked in-house, freelance and for the last 14 years as a consultant for many household names and prominent brands.

Her designs are commissioned and licensed world-wide and her work takes her to trade shows around the globe. With a BA and MA in Design, Dinah has been mentoring students both through her early teaching at universities and through her professional practice.

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It’s been five months and I am pleased to say my life is still on track … and I give credit to Jules.

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