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Your Wellbeing Home

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Find out by clicking this link why your home is so important to your wellbeing  Health and Happiness Begin at Home 🙂

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Wellbeing and menopause programmes

Connecting Women Through Wellbeing

One-day of health, happiness and wellbeing – postponed

In collaboration with Judy Gowenlock (Nutritional Therapist) and Leanne Yardley (Yoga and PT Teacher).


Everything Menopause Programme

Eight week menopause programme – postponed

In collaboration with Vicki Hill (Women’s Health and Fitness Trainer and Holistic Core Restore Coach)


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Julie has a personable relaxed and professional style, and I would highly recommend her as a life coach to anyone.

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Wellbeing Life Coaching - house image

How it works

(We use MailChimp; privacy policy)