Keeping Yourself Motivated During A Pandemic

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Finding your mojo during a pandemic

Is Covid-19 and the restriction it has imposed on your life having an impact on your motivation to get up and get things done?

Are you low in energy levels with feelings of ‘What’s the point?’ and ‘I can’t be bothered’?

It’s not surprising that you may be feeling this way, considering the six months we have just had. If this is you, don’t worry – you are not alone!

My lockdown journey

During the early days of lockdown, I lacked motivation to do even the smallest things. I just wanted to lie on the sofa and watch Netflix. I went into shock and, for the first three weeks, I was in denial that a pandemic even existed. Then frustration and anxiety hit me because I was being forced to make decisions on how I was going to work with this new situation. This meant I had to change the way I was doing things. Then I found renewed energy. Thinking outside the box felt exciting and I started to feel more positive about this new situation. I am still learning to live with the changes I have made, but I am coming out the other side with newfound energy and motivation.

How am I doing it?

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I work with my energy levels: Our circadian rhythm means that we naturally have more energy during specific times of the day. I know I have more energy in the morning, so this is when I get most of my work done. I work with my circadian rhythm and not against it.

I have a routine: Since life outside of my control keeps on changing, I have found I am relying more and more on a daily routine. It gives me a sense of control by being more focused, organised and productive. As a result, it has reduced my feelings of anxiety, stress and being overwhelmed.

I mix things up: This may sound contradictory to my need for routine, but monotony kills my motivation. So, I keep on mixing things up by introducing variety – if I am unable to change the task, then I try doing things differently by changing the location.

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I set goals: I have learnt that setting goals is the best way for me to achieve things. If I don’t do this, I become unsure of what it is I want to achieve and by when. I also write them down. This means that I never lose track of them.

I know my why: This is a big one. For me, to achieve any goal I need to know ‘why’ I want that goal. Once I know my ‘why’, I write it down next to my goal, so it is a constant reminder. Without this, it slips down my list of priorities or it doesn’t get done at all.

I make myself accountable: I find that sharing my personal goals with someone I trust makes me more accountable for my actions. For my business, I am part of a networking group called Come Network With Me The Tribe. It’s a group of likeminded women who are there to support each other through the toughest of times.

I celebrate my wins: Every time I have a success, no matter how small, I make sure I have a little celebration. Things are a bit limited at the moment, but I can always find something. I don’t drink alcohol much these days, but I do enjoy a glass of red wine when something good has happened.

I take time out: I have learnt to listen to my mind and body, especially when they are telling me to take a break. I know I can’t always be busy all of the time and am now more aware of my good days and not-so-good days. So, if I feel like lying on the sofa and watching films, I do that – and that’s OK!

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I look after myself: I eat well, I exercise regularly and I get eight hours’ sleep a night. I have to work at it, especially if I feel fed up and my energy levels are low. This is when my healthy habits slip, but the next day I’m back on it.

I cross things off my to-do list: There is nothing more rewarding than crossing something off a to-do list. I like to get a thick felt-tipped pen and put a line right through it. Seeing my list with all those crossed-off items at the end of the day gives me a brilliant sense of achievement and satisfaction.

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I meditate: I practise mindfulness meditation to keep focused and grounded. It helps me to manage my anxiety, stress and sense of being overwhelmed. I love guided meditation and my favourite app is Insight Timer. It has thousands of free guided meditations to choose from.

I know what motivates me: During lockdown, I spent a lot of time reflecting on what motivates me the most. I now know that I am motivated by addressing and overcoming challenges, learning new things and being with people.

What did you learn from your lockdown journey?

Everyone is motivated by different things, but if you are finding it hard to remain motivated, then I encourage you to stop beating yourself up about it. We are all different and we are living our own lives. We each have our own internal struggles to deal with, let alone all the external stuff as well. So, if you have lost your mojo, then that’s OK. You are enough and you do enough. There is a lot to be said for accepting yourself exactly as you are right now. Looking after yourself is so important for when you feel ready to step forward on the next stage of your journey.

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