Freedom From Feeling Stuck

Are you currently feeling stuck in life?

When you feel stuck, your judgement can be clouded by frustration. This feeling of frustration can have an impact on your overall sense of wellbeing.

Change is goodFeeling stuck

Perhaps your feelings of being stuck arise when you have unknowns in your life? This is a scary and self-critical place for you to be. Your life, like most people these days, is probably very busy. This busyness can become an obstacle for you knowing what you truly want in life. Instead, you may push that feeling of being stuck deep inside yourself without making any changes to the way you live your life. Eventually, this will have a negative impact on your overall sense of wellbeing.

Becoming unstuck

Thought bubbleHEAD: pay attention to your thoughts

What you believe about yourself and the world around you creates your reality. If you have thoughts that reinforce self-limiting beliefs, it is going to be difficult to become unstuck. Negative stories only hold you back from living the life you desire. Changing your thoughts to align with what you want in life will enable you to reconnect with your subconscious self and make the necessary changes.

Rainbow heartHEART: don’t ignore your emotions

Try to share your feelings of being stuck with someone you trust. We often feel alone in these feelings but the truth is every single person has felt stuck at some point in their life. When you share your vulnerability with someone you trust, you create movement. This will open doors to new possibilities. Be open about your feelings so you can invite change into your life.

Lady doing stretchesBODY: listen to your body

Feeling stuck can manifest itself in the body as tension. When you experience any uncomfortable sensation, become aware of it! In fact, pay close attention to what you are experiencing by being quiet and taking the time to truly understand what your body is telling you. Where are the sensations of tension? What are the thoughts that create that tension? This will enable you to become aware of your body’s signals that you are feeling stuck. This is an important physical step in creating change in your life.

My journey of becoming unstuck

Steps on our journeyMy journey

In my early fifties, I developed this overwhelming feeling of being stuck. For me, this was a sign that something had to change in my life. I managed to negotiate time out from work to create space for me to think – time to look objectively at my life and the stressful events occurring at the time. I distanced myself from the drama and saw my problems with a new mindset – anything was possible! This allowed me to gather new information before embarking on my adventure of becoming a Wellbeing Life Coach.

Feel the feer and do it anywayFear of change

The feeling of being stuck pushed me into the next stage of my life. I faced the fear of change – I felt scared! But time and headspace were the two main things that enabled me to gain clarity on what I truly wanted. I discovered that this was to support and motivate other women to make changes in their lives and become unstuck. I am so passionate about my new life I no longer feel stuck. I have renewed purpose and meaning in my life – I feel fulfilled!

Time for action

time for action (clock)Talk to an unbiased person

Open up to a close friend, family member or go down the professional route and seek out a life coach you feel comfortable with. They will help you to see things differently. What you may consider as stuck is just a place in time for you to gather new information before you make changes and embark on a new life. Don’t see feeling stuck as an obstacle but more as a path to a new life – an opportunity to try something new. How exciting does that sound?!

Wellbeing Life Coaching HouseWellbeing Life Coaching

Wellbeing Life coaching can help you to become unstuck by reconnecting and rebalancing your HEAD (thoughts), your HEART (emotions) and your BODY (sensations). Focusing on your wellbeing means you can examine your actions and find a solution to becoming unstuck. This is a great starting point towards self-empowerment and the feeling of freedom from what has been holding you back. It enables you to take responsibility for your life so you can embrace your circumstances and move beyond your current state.

Enjoy your journey to a healthier and happier life.

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